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Robofest 2022 - English

General terms and regulations
It is imperative to get acquainted with the rules set forth below in order to participate in this competition.
1. Mandatory agreement
You have to agree with the following rules. First, read through the rules prior to the registration. These rules are mandatory legal agreement between you and Robofest regarding the competition.
2. Who can partake in Robofest?
Pupils from any country, between the ages of 7 and 17 can participate in Robofest as a team. Team leaders should be anyone over 18 years of age. Participants and team leader are two distinctive roles and cannot be fulfilled by the same person. A team leader can manage several teams.
3. Registration fee
The registration fee for participation at Robofest is non-refundable 20 AZN. The registration fee is used in the organization of the competition. Any proceeds gained from the competition will be transferred to Yaşat Foundation. 
4. How to participate?
In order to participate at the competition, a leader should go to https://forms.gle/sfbQtrAuxjpZyKCz8 and register the team member or members.
5. Selection stage
All teams, which completed the registration and paid the registration fee for all its team members (save for team leader) is granted a right to partake in Robofest. Yet, it should be pinpointed that development of robot to the set parameters is an obligation of participants. Any shortcomings in this area may result in disqualification of entire team. Qualifying inspection will be carried out during Robofest.
6. Rewards
The rewards will be announced via our social media accounts. Keep tuned! :)
7. General terms
The ongoing preventive measures regarding COVID pandemic is applicable to the competition as well. Everyone participating or attending the competition is obliged to use medical masks; people over 18 years of age should be in possession of valid vaccination passport. Robofest has the undeniable and irrevocable right to disqualify anyone from the competition. The following conditions may constitute the grounds for disqualification:
attemps to undermine the legitimate operations of the competition by the means of fraud, deception or other unfair practices.
irritating, abusing or threathening aimed at other participants 
activities that damage Robofest, its sponsors, partners or affiliates
Rudeness against other participants, supervisors or judges.
8. Privacy
The participants agree that Robofest may collect, store, share and use by other means the identification information provided during the registration process and the competition, including names, surnames, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Robofest will use this information to manage the competition and to verify the participants' identities, postal addresses and phone numbers.
In case participant does not provide necessary information during registration phase, Robofest bears the right to disqualify said participant.
Participants have the right to access, review, edit or request deletion of their personal information, stored by Robofest regading the competition during set time interval by writing to Robofest at info@stemart.az .
9. Advertisement
Unless explicitly prohibited by law, by accepting the award, participants agree to grant right of using their names and projects for advertising and promotional purposes to sponsors/partners and affiliates agencies without payment of additional compensation.
10. Elimination
Any incorrect information provided about the identification card, information, phone number, e-mail address or anything related by any participant may result in immediate disqualification of said participant from the competition.
11. Change in competition rules
Any part of the rules of the competition may be subject to change. Therefore, we recommend that you check the rules regularly.
12. Change of team members
It is possible to change any students constituting teams, partaking in the competition until a week prior to the commencement of the competition. To renew the participants of your team, you have to contact Robofest and provide respective information. 

Lego Sumo (ages 7-12) (ages 13-17)

Lego Sumo is a competition, in which two robots built ONLY with Lego Mindstorms (NXT or EV3) sets try to push each other out of the arena. Known as "sumo-bots", robots use sensors, engines, intelligent programming and tactics in the fight with a rival robot.
Arena is made of wooden or plastic material in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 77 cm. The height of arena from the table varies from 1 to 5 cm. The surface should be black and the edges are 2.5 cm white.
The starting positions of the robots can only be as shown in the figure. 
Robot criteria:
Height: unlimited
Width: 15 cm
Length: 15 cm
Weight: 1000 g
Brick (CP): 1 
Movement type: Autonomous (uncontrollable by user)
Start time: 5 seconds – Robots may start 5 seconds after the START command.
Parts: Only Lego Mindstorms (NXT or EV3) – official (original) parts should be used

1. The robots must be placed on the opposite sides prior to the battle, and a part of the robot must touch the white line.
2. During the initial placement on the arena, the robot must partially cover the white border. Once the robots are deployed, they cannot be moved or repositioned.
3. After both robots are positioned, the judge gives a start signal. Competitors are then allowed to press the start buttons of their robots. This should be the last intervention of participants until the end of the competition.
4. After pressing the start button, the robots have to wait for at least 5 seconds. An early start is considered an incorrect start and is declared as defeat if the same situation is repeated after 2 warnings.
5. If both robots are still on the arena after 3 minutes, the battle is announced as a tie.
6. Robots can transform once they start moving (any mechanism can change its shape)
7. Any means that may harm the opponent or spectators, including use of equipment that may disturb the opponent (for example, wrecking balls, catapults, chainsaws, cutting wheels, spoilers, etc.) are strictly prohibited.
8. Any means of tying robots to the ground are prohibited (for example, glue, vacuum adhesives etc.)
9. A team may have up to 3 members. The ages of team members should be between 7 and 12. 
Note: For Lego Sumo contest examples, you may conduct search using keywords “Lego Sumo”.
Lego Line follower (ages 7-12) (ages 13-17)

Lego Line follower is a robot developed using Lego Mindstorms (NXT or EV3) sets and following a colored line on a specific plane. The robots starts from the initial point, correctly follows the line until the end point. The linear tracking times of robots are recorded by the judges and the results of the contest are calculated on the basis of these completion times. The main purpose is to complete the given trajectory in the shortest time possible.
The contest area consists of a white surface and a dark (black) line. The width of the line should be 2-2.5 cm. The trajectory and length of the line to be followed will be announced on the day of the contest. Therefore, do not rely on sample maps shared with you during construction of robots!

Robot criteria:
Height: unlimited
Width: 30 cm
Uzunluğu: 30 cm
Weight: 3000 g
Brick (CP):
Movement type: Autonomous (uncontrollable by user)
Start time: Robots may start right after the START command
Parts: Only Lego Mindstorms (NXT or EV3) – official (original) parts should be used
  1. The duration of the contest commences with the start command given by judge and ends upon reaching finish line. The competition is deemed as completed when the front part of the robot reaches finish line.
  2. The time spent for completion of the given trajectory by the robot is measured by the judge using a stopwatch.
  3. Once the robot starts the line trajectory, its movement on the line must be completely autonomous, otherwise it is subject to be excluded from the contest.
  4. If robot leaves the trajectory, it is to be returned to the line by the judge. If same case happens more than 3 times during the run, the robot should removed from that round.
  5. It will be possible to test your robots prior to the contest.
  6. Teams should have up to 3 members. Their ages should fall in 7-12 or 13-17 age category. 
Note: For Lego Line follower contest examples, you may conduct a web search using keywords “Lego Line follower”.

VEX Go challenge (ages 7-10)

In the contest, the goal of the robot, built using VEX Go sets, is to move the maximum number of cubes from the stack on the field to the target point in 2 minutes. During the contest, two teams show their performance on the field simultaneously, and their activities are scored for both teams.

The map displays the starting point of both teams. The robots must move the cubes to the starting point. The cubes placed in the arena are distributed to the points appointed by the active judge.



The side measurement of the cubes are 76.2mm, their colors are blue, red and green.


1. Contest consists of 2 parts: 1) Remote        2) Autonomous 
2. Each round lasts for 2 minutes.
3. The contest begins with the referee's start signal and one participant from each team starts to control the robot. After 1 minute, the control over the robot should pass to team member on the notice of the referee. No operation performed by the robot is taken into account, after referee’s stop signal.
4. Cubes taken must be transported to the starting point of each team.
5. For every cube brought to the final point, 10 points are granted.
6. The fetched cubes should not touch the line separating goal point and arena. 
7. The scores of both points are recorded simultaneously.
8. The contest consists of several rounds.
9. During remote controlled stage, the robots will be controlled with tablets. 
10. Teams should have no more than 3 members. 
11. The participation age criteria for the contest is 7-10
Robot criteria:
Height: unlimited
Width: 30 cm
Length: 30 cm
Weight: 2000 g
Brain (CP):
Movement type: Remote controlled
Start time: Robots may start directly after the command
Parts Only VEX Go– official (original) parts should be used
VEX IQ challenge (ages 7-10)

The theme of VEX IQ Challenge 2022 is “Pitching in”. After the local tournaments in various countries, the winners will meet and complete in World Finals, to be held in Texas, the US. This tournament, the first ever in Azerbaijan, is hosted by stemart.az, and the winners will qualify for the World Finals.

You can find out more about the competition by following the links:

Link 1: https://www.vexrobotics.com/iq/competition/viqc-current-game
Link 2: https://youtu.be/MJkPMnom7aU
Registration link: https://forms.gle/zmJ2ZSdEfQVWwiUz8